From toddler to 110-year-old, here are four instances of incredible Covid recoveries

Covid recoveries of people in the present day scenario is a ray of hope. Today let us read the stories of people who have...

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How is India fighting a two-pronged battle — TB and COVID-19?

In 2020, the number of people who received TB care came down by 1.4 million. That means that 20 per cent fewer people around the world and 25 per cent fewer people in India were diagnosed and treated for TB.

The Mumbai Model: 5 ways BMC showed India how to get a grip on COVID crisis

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also appreciated efforts taken by the Maharashtra government to tackle the Coronavirus second wave

International Nurses Day: Why nurses are an integral part of the COVID-19 battle

The hard work and selfless service provided by the health workers, including nurses have no doubt contributed to this impressive recovery rate

Everything you need to know about the deadly black fungus found in India’s COVID patients

The disease is caused by a group of moulds called mucormycetes which can be found naturally in the environment

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Here are some stories to give you hope as country battles pandemic

From a doctor volunteering to work for free at a Mysuru hospital to a Delhi cop donating plasma to save a pregnant woman, these stories will restore your faith in humanity.

International Nurse Day: Remembering Indian ‘Hero’ nurse Lini Puthussery who died treating Nipah patient

Indian 'Hero' nurse Lini Puthussery who sacrificed her life to save her patients infected with the deadly Nipah virus.  During COVID-19, nurses from all over...

Amitabh Bachchan’s Twitter video on ‘hope’ may be in good spirit but fails to bring netizens together

Amitabh Bachchan's Twitter video seems to have garnered a mixed reaction as he speaks about hope and its importance. Read on Platocast.