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We break news open, we feature stories that will inspire you, we write on topics that need India's attention. We also offer India's premier podcasting platform. Check us out at studio.platocast.com.

What do we do

We create and host content that :

  • makes you a better citizen
  • helps you get most out of the democratic societies,
  • keeps you ticking,
  • informs you beyond the breaking news,
  • helps you loosen up.

Our Values

We create content on important topics that can help to acquire life skills and we emphasize on evidence-based knowledge – so you know you can trust the cool stories you find here. Even though we are a small team, we set ourselves to strict pre-publication fact-checking system; each of our staff systematically scrutinize every story before it gets published. That said, we are only human. If you find any issues with our content, we’d love to hear from you at content@platocast.com