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Platocast’s All Things Considered is a weekly Indian politics podcast.  We aim to provide an unbiased view on latest political developments in India. We consider every point of view from every perspective before we create the podcast.

Is there such thing as “Unbiased” News?

It should be obvious that there can’t be such a thing as a “neutral” journalist. We all have moral instincts and points of view. Those points of view will color our interpretations of the facts. Some media houses or pack of journalists admit their leaning towards an ideology and some don’t.

Platocast's All Things Considered -Indian Politics Podcast
Platocast’s All Things Considered -Indian Politics Podcast

A BBC article titled “The story barely reported by Indian media ” highlights what is affecting the freedom of the press in the country. The article points to Cobrapost.  A small but controversial Indian media outlet known for undercover stings, describes itself as a non-profit news organisation that believes too much journalism in India has been “trivialised”. Cobrapost has dubbed its story “Operation 136” – the figure is a reference to India’s ranking in the 2017 World Press Freedom Index.

BBC’s article cities cobra posts website and mentions its recordings show that some of the country’s leading news organisations are willing to “not only cause communal disharmony among citizens, but also tilt the electoral outcome in favor of a particular party”- and all in return for cash.

The importance of an “alternative perspective”

But none of what we said here is a point. The point is – are we consciously looking for the alternative perspective or not. This means finding a news story, reading it and finding another news story to understand an alternative view point. We rarely get any news stories considering all perspectives, all political leanings, let alone all ideologies. So we have created this podcast called “All Things Considered” – a weekly Indian politics podcast produced by Platocast. The name says it all, this Indian politics podcast considers every point of view from every perspective before it is published.

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