In The Interest Of India

In The Interest Of India

Platocast’s “In The Interest Of India” is a weekly Indian policy podcast.  We aim to demystify the policy developments on topics that are of National Interest. Luckily we are not a 24/7 news channel. We do not have be on air with fluff. We have enough time to think and create the podcast.

Why 24/7 News is irrelevant ?

I love the news but hate click-bait and fluff. You see, 24/7 news needs to fill the time with content. Significant, hard news (not fluff) doesn’t come in a constant flow, but the need to put up content never goes away. So our news outlets have become creative.

Platocast’s "In The Interest Of India" is a weekly Indian policy podcast.

The “New” school of journalism

Next time, when you watch a prime time debate on any news channel, watch with a critical mind. In a typical one hour show, some experts on the panel are invited to the studio to speak live, some dial in to the conference line and some do Skype. Leaving out the pleasantries, time to address technical difficulties, cross talk, moderator moderating, advertisements, and the experts going personal and shouting at each other, we barely get to hear 15 min of sane debate. You must be extremely lucky to catch a point as you overwhelmingly receive too much clutter.

The importance of understanding policy developments.

Today, government affects all aspects of our lives. Everyone has a stake in the public policies enacted by central and state governments. By voting for in parliament and state assembly elections, we try to influence public policy. That’s a good way to make a positive impact, but not the best way. The best way to make a lasting positive impact on Indian public policy is contributing to a sound, rationale, evidence based collective public discourse.

Considering the true spirit of “National Interest”, Platocast created this podcast called “In the interest of India” which dissects important policy topics. Through this podcast, We aim to provide you required analysis on various policy decisions the governments of India take. And we create the stories in a less intimidating way.

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