PPE kits that can repel viruses
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A durable, washable textile coating for PPE kits that can repel viruses? Pitt researchers claim so!

The Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the globe leaving more than 3 lakh people dead and more than 5 lakh infected. Amid the ongoing crisis, healthcare workers have been risking their lives to save people from the disease, the cure of which is yet to be found.  However, research from the LAMP Lab at the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering may provide a little help in fighting COVID-19. As we all know, masks, gowns, and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are essential for protection of healthcare workers. But to their dismay, the textiles and materials used in such items can easily absorb and carry viruses and bacteria, which in turn has the chance to spread the disease the wearer sought to contain.
How Ghana is Fighting With COVID-19? -With the help of drones
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Medical Delivery Drones Helping Fight COVID-19 in Ghana

We might have never thought that one day the drones that help us take pictures and video shots are going to offer us medical facilities and that too during the time of the pandemic. The medical delivery drones are helping fight COVID-19 in Ghana, with which the patients can take advantage of easily accessible test results without moving out of their places.
Is Earth's North Magnetic Pole Drifting?
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Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is drifting: Here’s why

Scientists were continuously tracking the North Magnetic Pole of Earth, and during their research, they found within a time interval of a few years it changed its place from Canada to Siberia. The primary reason behind this change is because of the two magnetic blobs(two continent size mountains in Earth's deep mantle).