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100% occupancy in TN theatres: A doctor’s open letter that should worry us all

We don’t know how to take a pandemic seriously, do we? While Twitter celebrated 100% occupancy in TN theatres, doctors are scared. It was after actor Vijay and TN Chief Minister Edapadi K Palanisamy’s meeting, the decision was taken. Vijay’s next, Master, is all set to release on January 13.

With emergency approval for the vaccines, just when things are about to get better, things don’t seem so logical here. With everything opening up, we sure need to keep a check on what extent we let things slide by. Not to forget, we also have the new variants that are worrisome after all.

While we want to believe that things are coming under control, is this the right time for going easy? If the 100% occupancy in TN theatres is not enough, we have people being callous, politicians, especially. We do have a lot more to worry about than to celebrate, all these curfews and extra care won’t help us magically. And now, amid all of this, a junior resident doctor pens an open letter expressing how dire the situation is. The letter was to Vijay and Silambarasan, along with the Govt. of TN.

A doctor pens an open letter highlighting the current situation:

100% occupancy in TN theatres
Image credits: Facebook

He went on to write, ”I am tired. We are all tired. Thousands of doctors like me are tired. Health care workers are tired. Police officials are tired. Sanitary workers are tired.” While one cannot begin to sympathise with it, he also wrote what is the truth. He added, ”The pandemic isn’t over and we have people dying till today to the disease. A hundred percent theatre occupancy is a suicide attempt.”

The idea of 100% occupancy in TN theatres is definitely worrisome, and it’ll be worse if others follow suit. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility as citizens too, to ensure that we follow what is necessary. Doctors and other frontline workers have been working day and night, but what about our work? While everything is being politicized, it is not their lives that are at stake here! We still have the fight to fight, and this sure does not work in our favour.

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