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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Abhishek Bachchan replying to trolls is a whole new level of Mr. Cool and we must all take a cue

Time and again, social media has become the centre of trolls for celebrities across various mediums. None the less, while some choose to ignore them, some give it right back. And well, Abhishek Bachchan replying to trolls just proves how it is important to be both. For someone who has been subjected to trolls from time to time, he sure has quite the cool way to deal with it.

It was only recently that the actor has taken to send out subtle replies to those trolling him. While some have laid fingers on his career, some have questions about him doing drugs. While it does not seem to stop, there is no stopping junior Bachchan either. And hence, his replies have become quite the talking point, mostly for the right reasons.

When the news about cinemas to reopen from October 15, 2020 first came, AB expressed his excitement. However, a twitter user chose to point out how he is still jobless after all. And well, though Abhishek Bachchan replying to trolls is a thing, this one was as subtle as it could get. The actor pointed out how he does his thing and rest is upon the audiences.

More recently, someone called him a product of nepotism and how he has had things easy, courtesy Amitabh Bachchan. While the user pointed out how his struggle is not one in its true sense, AB simply asked him to think well and not be naive. He simply took a stand for his journey, without bringing anyone down.

Abhishek Bachchan replying to trolls:

If all that is not enough, there is more of Abhishek Bachchan replying to trolls. A user asked him about ‘hash but he just did his thing without paying much heed. It looks like there has been quite an uproar online, but never enough to make AB lose his calm. He chose to be his calm self and did reply after all.

Tired of trolls yet? Learn the right way from Mr. cool right here! Always on point, and yet not demeaning someone.

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