All the reasons to watch Wonder Woman 1984 if you are looking for a fun weekend watch

All of the pandemic, movies, and shows have been our saviour from boredom, and our source of entertainment as well. But it is true that we’ve all missed watching films on the big screen! For those who have been waiting to watch Wonder Woman 1984, there definitely is no better opportunity than right now.

The space of DC Comics has its own essence to it and set in 1984, this story is yet another masterpiece. For someone who made her way into this universe a little later, this was a film I was mighty excited for. Marvel fan, or a DC fan, this film is something. But, if you are someone who is not into these films, you may still want to see this one, for the sheer experience of it!

Meanwhile, check out the trailer here:

So, here’s a look at all the reasons to watch Wonder Woman 1984:

Gal Gadot

Do we even need to press enough on this point? Gadot is an absolute Queen. Even for someone who is not very familiar with the space, she makes you want to watch out for this one! Gal Gadot as Diana is a treat to watch for more reasons than one, and you’ll believe it only when you see it. You may or may not have watched the movies from earlier, this might be an experience after all!

Pedro Pascal

This man from Game Of Thrones and the Mandolarian, Pascal is yet another highlight of the film. While we may be able to rather easily picture him as the villain, he does justice to it in full form. Ask a fan if the actor deserves a separate point on this list, they’d scream yes! So what we are trying to say is with a strong lead, and an interesting antagonist, we can always use a film like this, isn’t it?

Female Superhero film

As a female, I am absolutely glad that there’s this superhero character in the DC universe. And this one, gives out major feels. In more ways than one, the film also reflects on feminism, and one can see so, beautifully! So many of us can find glimpses of our own selves in her! In fact, it does not seem forced, so subtly done, and beautifully portrayed. If nothing, this is a solid reason to watch Wonder Woman 1984, no matter what reviews!

The IMAX experience

First superhero film after the pandemic, or amid it, and on the big screens with IMAX? It is quite a dream if you ask me, but it is not all so bad watching it at home either. Time and again, we’ve all been waiting to get there, and now, it is finally beginning to happen!

So, you think you want to watch Wonder Woman 1984, or do you want to watch it?


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