Amit Sadh is the show stealer in ‘Jeet Ki Zid’ on Zee5


Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5 is a show that though narrates the story of an Army man, it leaves on with a lot of questions.

Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5 is out now and all the episodes are now streaming. With so much being said about the show, we also decided to write our two cents on it.

The Review

Directed by Vishal Mangalorkar, and written by Siddharth Mishra, Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5 sees Amit Sadh as an absolute winner. Sadh has managed to give it his all and there is no second-guessing that. Most of every Jeet Ki Zid review is a lot about the actor acing his role and winning hearts. While it narrates the story of an army-man, it also goes above and beyond!

While we’d hope for the show to have lesser loopholes, the writing here seems rather faulty. Throughout the series, Sengar (Amit) has managed to do so much, and yet, the writing doesn’t seem to draw from it. Instead, what we see is not so much about the nuances and a lot about generalizations. None the less, Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5 deserves a watch, you know for who.

Check out the trailer of the show before reading more about Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5:

The Performances

Jeet Ki Zid review
Image Credits: Zee5

Apart from Amit Sadh, we also have the likes of Amrita Puri, Sushant Singh, and Aly Goni. While Puri seems to have done an absolutely great job, Aly manages to have our attention. As for Sushant Singh, we all know what he is capable of doing and he doesn’t disappoint.

The Narration

We see the show also talk about so many problematic things, but they are only done to make sense of something even more problematic. At a time when we talk so much about mental health, Sengar’s mental state deserved more insight, making this show into a much better watch.

The technicalities of the movie suffer a lot, be it the frames, the cinematography, and even the background music for that matter. Nonetheless, what we feel is that by opting for a non-linear story fashion, somethings just happened to get confusing. Despite the so many loopholes that the show seems to have suffered. So basically, you want to watch Jeet Ki Zid on Zee5 sheerly for Sadh. There’s very little about the movie that might attract you otherwise.

In fact, as for most of the Jeet Ki Zid reviews, we know that Sadh takes the show away. He is a coming of age actor yet, and it is sad that we don’t see him doing more leading roles because he has proven just how much he deserves it. One might even want to hope that Sadh could’ve done so much better with a story that was better. None the less, all in all, it manages to keep you hooked and counts for a good watch.

Here’s to hoping that Amit Sadh is a part of better films and signs the greatest of filmmakers!

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