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Anushka Sharma speaks up after Sunil Gavaskar’s comment on Virat’s performance: It’s 2020 and things still haven’t changed

For the longest time now, we have seen Anushka Sharma become the centre of trolls for Virat Kohli’s performance. If he doesn’t play and Sharma is present, it becomes her fault. If she isn’t, it somehow still becomes her fault. As Anushka Sharma speaks up after Sunil Gavaskar’s comment, the internet is left in a frenzy.

What made her speak up is a statement from Sunil Gavaskar. He said, ”Virat ne lockdown me sirf Anushka ki gendo ki hi practice ki hai to abhi catch kaise pakdega.’ Well, it sounds as sexist as it could ever, and the internet is not happy. While we are sure Sharma has had to deal with worse from trolls online, this is outright unacceptable.

Anushka Sharma speaks up after Gavaskar’s comment at the match yesterday:

Anushka Sharma
Image Credits: Instagram

Anushka went on to write, ”That Mr Gavaskar, your message is distasteful is a fact but I would love for you to explain why you thought of making such a sweeping statement on a wife accusing her for her husband’s game? I’m sure over the years you have respected the private lives of every cricketer while commentating on the game. Don’t you think you should have equal amount of respect for me and us?

She went on to highlight how it is 2020 and things still haven’t changed for her, truly so. As Anushka Sharma speaks up at the right time, we need to reflect on the whys and hows. There are many like Gavaskar, who took to social media to drag Sharma into this and write rather nasty things about her.

Will we ever change how women are perceived? Is there nothing we can do to reflect upon men without bringing them down? It is plain sad about just how we treat our women, worse for those who are popular.

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