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Binge list for Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a date

If you are someone who is single, the second week of February can indeed be very overwhelming. While D-day is almost here, we understand if some of us are spending it alone. And for those of us who could use a binge list for Valentine’s day, we have your backs.

For someone who might (or might not) have googled what to watch on Valentine’s day, I thought this could come to the aid of some. Hence, I decided to curate a quick list and that’s just all it would take to help you get through the day. Hoping that there are a few films you haven’t seen, this may be your saviour.

I’d agree that there are some cliches, but some cliches are good, aren’t they? So here’s a look at the list for Valentine’s day if you want a movie to watch alone.

Binge List for Valentine’s Day:

Midnight in Paris, 2011

I briefly remember the first time I saw this film and it had my heart fluttering indeed. If I were to answer the what to watch on Valentine’s day question, this tops the list. There’s just something about this movie that not only sends your imagination running wild, but also so much more. Owen Wilson owns the movie and Paris has you falling in love all over again. This is indeed a magical film!

Bridget Jones’s Diary, 2001

This could be a cliche add to the bing list for Valentine’s day, and yet, a must watch. If you are single, you might want to watch this movie. With Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, there is a lot to watch out for in the movie. In addition, there are all these Pride and Prejudice references that also might have your heart. This film is all good things in one, with us hoping for good things to happen as well.

That Thing You Do! 1996

Tom Hank’s made his directorial debut with this film and Liv is a treat to watch. Just how do things turn interesting overnight for a group of musicians in high school, the movie is a treat.

10 Things I Hate About You, 1999

An absolutely classic film, I cry my heart out while I watch it every single time. There is just something about high school films, isn’t it? The premise of the movie is amazing and I think one would sit down to watch it every time it plays. And oh, can we forget how Heath Ledger takes our hearts away even with all the cliches? Plus, it has a Shakespeare connect to it, so all the more better! This film is an easy answer to movies to watch on Valentine’s Day, truly!

Call Me By Your Name, 2017

You want heartbeats and heartbreak together? Here, you have it! If you love Timothée Chalamet, you should watch it. In case you are living under the rock and don’t know who he is, you must definitely watch it. And this binge list for Valentine’s day is truly incomplete without a film like this. This story is that of self-discovery and it has its own highs and lows, but still, stunning for more reasons than one. The film has great visuals, an amazing score, and great acting, of course.

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