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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Black and white challenge: Bollywood gives women empowerment a new face

Bollywood has always paved the way for new movements and getting creative with the existing ones. However, something that it also does is reinvent beautifully. And so, the black and white challenge has resurfaced on social media in the wake of women empowerment, among other things.

The said challenge is being promoted online in multiple contexts. In fact, some people have also been sharing them with #cancerawareness. While the original idea behind the challenge resurfacing is unknown, currently, it is being used right.

In fact, the black and while challenge has also enabled people to share some kind words and support each other. The only criteria here is to share black and white photos and also mentioned #challengeaccepted. Some of the Bollywood celebrities who have been sharing photos include Sara Ali Khan, Ananya Panday, and others.

Check out some of the photos from the black and white challenge here:


The black and white challenge doesn’t need much to be done, but seeing the online unity, it does go a long way. Hence, scrolling online right now is a pleasant thing to do, especially because of the words. In fact, the said hashtag has over a million posts already and it continues to increase by the minute.

It is such trying and testing times that bring out a lot of creativity online. Especially, given the conversation about mental health, among others, this is the right step. However, people have been tagging others and new posts keep coming it.

Meanwhile, the COVID 19 situation in the country seems to be an increasing concern in the country. It is indeed surprising how it is such things that can brighten up people’s days. And now, it looks like an increasing trend, growing successfully!

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