Bombay Begums review: Great performances from Pooja and company win us over


Bombay Begums
Bombay Begums on Netflix is an interesting story of 5 women from different backgrounds and different lives. How their lives intertwine and what happens when things get a tad bit complicated is what the story narrates. With impeccable performances and above-average writing, the Netflix show deserves a shot.

Bombay Begums on Netflix narrates the story of five different women. Before reading any Bombay Begums review, it is important to get a rough idea of what do they do, and who are they. Rani, is a banker, and is trying to save her bank while also establishing a relationship with her stepchildren. As for Fatima, she is a talented junior, who we see get a promotion. However, she has a constant struggle between work and married life. As for Ayesha, she works at the bank, while also struggling to discover who she really is. A bar dancer, Lily, and Rani meet after a turn of events, and eventually, their lives collied. What is interesting to see is everything that follows here on and how they stand up for themselves.

Alankrita Shrivastava’ who has given us some fine films and shows, is back to narrating this feminist drama on Netflix. The makers have tried to show women from various walks of life, but not from the male gaze. One of the best parts about Bombay Begums on Netflix is how it pans out. Things like workplace harassment or bisexuality are explored from a more realistic angle.

However, we cannot complete this Bombay Begums review without mentioning how we aren’t sure if these are completely new women. The show has its own highs and lows, but it does keep you hooked to the screens after all. The Bombay Begums trailer had us expecting more than what we were shown, but it was a great watch. High hopes ride on the second season for the show!

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As can be said from the title of this Bombay Begums review, the cast is an absolute treat. The entire cast of Bombay Begums has done a marvelous job. Pooja Bhatt has managed to impress everyone as Rani, unapologetic, and strong. As for Sahana Goswami, no one could have been a better Fatima than her. She made everything more believable, and a tad bit realistic. Plabita Borthakur as Ayesha is yet another relatable character, for more reasons than one. Amruta Subhash aka Lily, is her best self, as usual, another something no one could have done better. As for other Bombay Begums cast members are concerned, Aadhya Anand, Rahul Bose, Danish Hussain, have pulled off great performances as well.

Bombay Begums on Netflix is not flawless, but it sure is a show in the right direction. With its own share of highlights, it does deserve a fair watch!

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