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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Boycott Bollywood trends again, How intolerant of entertainment can we become?

Come one movie that a handful of people don't like, and the cancel culture takes over. And for the nth time, Boycott Bollywood is trending again.

For the longest time now, the boycott culture has become quite the thing. With the internet taking over, everything gets an immediate response. And well, what seems to have taken over once again is the Twitter trend of ‘Boycott Bollywood’. It seems to have started off, or rather restarted with the series Tandav, and is spreading like wildfire.

For those who don’t know, Tandav seems to have hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindus and hence, the trend. Not only boycott Bollywood, but boycott Tandav also trended for a while. However, for more reasons than one, it all seems to be a result of trolls, and not well-thought moves. With what is so clearly called out as fiction, one cannot target thoughts and entertainment mediums as well.

A subtle representation of what looks like everything that went down in JNU to some more reflection of the real world, it is what it is. And hence, going all out on boycotting films, shows, and actors, is likely to make zero sense. For better or for worse, we all know that these trends are not going to take anyone anywhere. Entertainment is deeply rooted in our lives, and hence, we are all going to be associated with it in some way or the other.

Some of the Boycott Bollywood tweets that have various aspects to them are right here:

Well, it isn’t just Tandav, but there are other actors, and films that the Twitterverse is targeting as well. As always, the conversation around nepotism has also seeped in, and Coolie No. 1 faces the brunt. A topic that has been talked about a lot last year, Sushant Singh Rajput’s death also made its way into the tweets. While they try to raise a voice and send out a message, it seems to be so little about that after all. Because like boycotting Bollywood is going to help? Or by trending boycott Tandav, people will actually now watch it?

Every now and then, someone wants to boycott something, and today, it is to boycott Bollywood. But for what joy? While we’d like to believe that the people of the internet are now better equipped and smarter, it isn’t all that true after all. Everyone is following everyone and the herd mentality on the internet is what is winning. Without often knowing what cause are we supporting, we turn blind followers.

So, is it Bollywood that we really want to boycott or we’d rather boycott this cancel culture that is taking over? The choice is ours to make!

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