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Thursday, February 25, 2021

BTS member J-Hope is a dancing star and these videos are proof

BTS member J-Hope is celebrating his birthday today and it looks like fans are in absolute awe. The singer has always been an absolute favourite and the band is being loved by fans with all their hearts. J-Hope, who is also known as Hobi is one to always take to dancing and has a fun time during interviews, among other things. While J-Hope had a chat with his Army on his birthday.

BTS members include 7 of them, of which, J-Hope is younger than Jin, RM and Suga, but is older than Jimin, V, and Jugkook. J-Hope is known to have said how he believes that his skills do lie in dancing. Hence, to celebrate J-Hope’s birthday, we thought that is what we should highlight.

Nonetheless, we must give BTS member J-Hope due credit for pulling it off in his solo tracks in all other fields as well.

On J-Hope’s birthday, here are some of his much loved and cheered for videos:

The one where he is rehearsing, showing off his dancing skills and also all of his cuteness in full glory!

Sometimes, BTS member J-Hope is an absolute highlight despite everything else that is happening all at once. And during the ‘Mic drop’ video, he did just that.

Could this BE anymore loved up?

Chicken Noodle Soup is yet another of the much adored videos and rightly so. Check it out, and most importantly, how J-Hope is quite the highlight once again.

And finally, one of his finest. On J-Hope’s birthday, we don’t think there could be anything better than watching him dance.

Here’s wishing the much-loved BTS member J-Hope a very happy birthday! There indeed couldn’t have been any other better way to celebrate J-Hope’s birthday and we bet the fans agree. He is said to be the finest of the BTS members when it comes to dancing and these videos are proof!

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