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BTS member Jungkook takes Twitter by storm post live session

BTS member Jungkook had a VLive session today and it happened after a gap of over 10 days. It is no surprise that fans just about never leave a chance to tune it, they did not miss out this time either. The singer seemed to be in a chirpy mood as he sang songs from other artists. Right from Jungkook’s hair to his songs, he has fans in awe of him once again.

Apart from singing songs of BTS members, he also took to singing some popular tracks of other artists. The live session ended with over 22 million people have tuned in and also, they got a good look at Jungkook’s tattoos. Photos and videos from the live have been doing the rounds on social media and the BTS army can’t keep calm.

Among other things that are trending, Jungkook’s tattoos, as well as BTS member Jungkook’s hair, have the internet by storm. The singer flaunted his hair colour and explained the idea behind the same, which is called ‘Min-Cho!’ He revealed that the streaming quality does not show the true colour of his hair. Originally, Jungkook’s hair is a mix of Mint and Chocolate.

BTS Army sure can’t keep calm as they are introduced to Jungkook’s hair and the tattoos. Not to forget, all the fine songs as well. Check out some of the tweets here:

A fan also spoke highlight of BTS member Jungkook as he knows his Army buys clothes he wears or things he eats and drinks. As a result, his fans support many small businesses and he is glad about it. A fan translated what he spoke about the same. The translation said: Jungkook said ARMYs always buy what Jungkook wearing and drinking like ‘Kombucha’ and made them sold out. He thinks this is helpful for small business owners (who sell these products) in this pandemic situation.

Among other reasons by BTS member Jungkook’s fans can’t keep calm, also happens to be his version of the Dis-ease brigade. He hoped fans would like it and hence, he released it before heading to sleep. And during the live stream today, he sang a number of songs. Some of them include J-Hope’s ‘Blue Side’, Jin’s ‘Abyss, Moon’, Justin and Dan + Shay’s ‘10000 Hours‘ and more!

Well, it is definitely quite a treat for the fans of BTS member Jungkook as he is trending on Twitter and how! Along with the Korean singer, many of his clips from the live stream have also taken over.

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