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Friday, April 16, 2021

BTS tops Billboard Hot 100 and create history with ‘Life Goes On’

BTS fans sure can't seem to get enough of the boy band and now, they've made it big once again!

The news that has been creating waves is BTS tops Billboard Hot 100 with quite the bang. Their track ‘Life Goes On‘ has made a smashing debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 list. The song is on the top while Dynamite has made it to the 3rd spot on the list as well. For those who might not know, Life Goes On is the lead track from the band’s album BE that came out almost a week ago.

If you are wondering that is just not enough, well guess what? It isn’t. Their album has also managed to open at the no. 1 spot on Billboard top 200. There’s no stopping this South Korean group, is there?

BTS tops Billboard Hot 100 and how:

It comes as no surprise when BTS manages to top various lists with their tracks. However, with Life Goes On, they’ve made quite a couple of track records, but with Life Goes On, they’ve created quite the history here. Social media is a happy place for the BTS ARMY cannot keep calm anymore. As this is the third No. 1 debut for BTS, many are reminded of what went through when The Beatles did something rather similar.

Another update apart from BTS tops Billboard Hot 100 is the song being the first-ever largely South Korea track to do so. With every song, the boy band sure seems to be making bigger milestones ahead. While the track, as well as the album, is soaring high, the group is the first to have two hits at the first spot in the Hot 100. If that’s not enough already, the earnings are yet another means to measure the success!

Apart from The Beatles, BTS has also reminded many of Taylor Swift’s hit numbers. Theirs is the first act that has made simultaneous debuts on Hot 100 as well as Hot 200. Swift did so with Cardigan and Folklore earlier this year.


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