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Monday, April 12, 2021

C U Soon Review: A mystery thriller that is sure to pique your interest as it unfolds through technology

Directed by Mahesh Narayan, C U Soon features Fahadh Faasil, Darshana Rajendran, Roshan Mathew, Saiju Kurup, Maala Parvathi, Amalda Liz, Vaishnavi Venugopal, and Ramesh Kottayam. The entire team of the film is one that is as illustrious as it gets. By the end of the C U Soon review, you will be convinced why.

The story is that of Jimmy (Roshan) and his online tale of love with Anu (Darshana). While everything feels normal, it is the little things that draw our attention. In an attempt to solve what looks like a case of Anu going missing, Jimmy’s cousin Kevin (Fahadh) steps in.

Things unfold in a rather interesting manner. While we all know that things can go terribly wrong, because the trailer narrated so, we do want to know what exactly is it. And over the due course of 90 minutes, that is what we see.

Check out the trailer before reading the C U Soon review here:

For a film that has been ideated and shot during lockdown, C U Soon is as interesting as things can get. However, we take time to get habituated to seeing all those screens inside our screen. None the less, it looks like this is what the new normal is in the reel world.

Having said that, we cannot ignore the fact that Narayan has managed to edit, write, and of course direct what we can call brilliance. While it is one of the first Malayalam films to have done so, it is impeccable, and credit goes to Narayan.

We cannot talk about the C U Soon review without mentioning just how the trio has aced their acting skills. Given the tough time with working around screens (that we find difficult to look at), they have definitely outdone themselves.

If there’s something that feels off about the movie, it is the score that goes on. More often than not, you are likely to feel distracted rather than hooked to it. While it is of course not a flawless film, the team has made a great attempt at making it one.

While trying to avoid any possible scope for spoilers with this C U Soon review, if you like mysteries, you want to watch this one. It might as well be a first for you watching a regional language work, but you’d not be disappointed.

Even though there are so many things that could possibly go wrong with the movie, there’s too little that one simply can’t ignore!

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