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Cardi B viral video: Netizens can’t keep calm as she plays ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’

Cardi B’s viral video has a background score of ‘Kaliyon Ka Chaman’ and well, we can’t keep calm. The rapper and actress decided to give her soon to happen announcement a spin. She took to her social media as she announced the announcement and we are wondering what’s it going to be about.

In Cardi B’s viral video, we see her walk down the stairs, and then she talks about the announcement. Well, it sure has received a mixed reaction from Twitter, especially us Indians. And if nothing, it is also major nostalgia as we hear Lata Mangeshkar humming in her full glory. The movie Jyoti featured Aruna Irani and was a hit back in 1981.

Now, given that the song has also become popular with a remix in the 90s, our wild guess is her track coming up? If it ever happens, the song is definitely breaking records already, we know it. None the less, these are all wild guesses for now and the desiness in us is screaming with happiness.

Much like we feel about Cardi B’s viral video, a lot of netizens have similar feelings too. Now if this was just a stunt to gain attention or we have something huge coming remains to be a mystery.

Watch the viral video with Kaliyon Ka Chaman playing here:

Check out some reactions right here:

It was only recently that she did have quite the mishap with her sneaker promotions. However, we are hoping that she manages to make up for whatever went down that time this time. None the less, we cannot rule out the possibilities of this being just another stint, though we hope it is not that.

Cardi B’s viral video has obviously been making a lot of buzz and we hope that Kaliyon Ka Chaman is now more popular, thanks to her. As for her last track ‘WAP’, she broke quite the records. In fact, the song also made it to the top spot on Billboard Hot 100.

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