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Monday, April 12, 2021

Jasprit Bumrah says ‘no’ to crackers on Diwali, slammed after using them on his wedding

Jasprit Bumrah shared pictures of his wedding celebration however, netizens are not happy with him for using firecrackers for his wedding.

We all know how Indian celebrities always have a ‘no cracker’ campaign for every Diwali. So in 2017, when Indian Cricketer Jasprit Bumrah had urged everyone to say no to Firecrackers everyone must have thought to say no to firecrackers in general.

“Diwali celebration at home! Wishing everyone a very Happy and a prosperous Diwali!,” he’d tweeted, while attaching a picture of him and his family.

However, after seeing his recent wedding pictures it doesn’t seem Jasprit Bumrah is sticking to his own words.

This u-turn on using firecrackers hasn’t really gone well with the netizens. As soon as Bumrah uploaded his wedding pictures netizens started slamming him for using firecrackers for his wedding but saying no on Diwali.

Have a look:

Let’s just say no to firecrackers on Diwali or on Weddings or any other occasions.

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