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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chaman Bahaar review: This Jitendra Kumar starrer is not all things flowery

Jitendra Kumar makes you have high hopes from this Chaman Bahaar, but does it suffice our expectations? While this is a Chaman Bahaar review, there shall be a lot of critiquing done here! The movie sees Jitendra as Billu, the panwadi, someone with big dreams but not for too long.

Billu has a shop which is not at the best of spots and his sales? Not great either. And accompanying him during his time at the shop are two of his friends, much like him, if not worse. Things change for him when a government employee moves to a house across his shop.

And well, the area does not remain deserted anymore since all the males seem to have taken interest in the man’s teenage daughter (read: minor). If you are wondering where is this going, then wait up, cause this Chaman Bahaar review is about to turn interesting!

Watch the trailer of Chaman Bahaar here:

And guess what follows? While many people take a liking of this girl, Rinku (Ritika), Billu is also one of them. What makes things even worse, or funny is how everyone wants to make her their own, like a thing. Billu is doing everything that a lovelorn boy might do but doesn’t quite succeed in getting her attention (or does)! The movie constantly reminds you of the male gaze!

Now, while I have spoken about all things wrong with the movie in this Chaman Bahaar review already, let’s get to the good. Jitendra as Billu is commendable and Ritika does a fair job, considering she doesn’t have a lot to say. The movie has been written impeccably, even though we don’t quite like what it displays!

The movie isn’t a film where you can leave your brains at home because you will be constantly displayed about the wrong. Calling it a close call with Kabir Singh would be wrong, in the sense that this film, glorifies much of the wrong. (personal opinion only)

Even though the movie is not everything that looks politically correct, the movie does a decent job at making you laugh here and there. However, just sometimes, that laugh isn’t very funny! To round up this Chaman Bahaar interview, it is a one time watch, and while we don’t love it, we don’t hate it either.

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