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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Chhalaang movie review: Rajkummar Rao does it once again but Ranjan’s tropes don’t go unnoticed

Rajkummar Rao sure seems to be on a spree with back to back releases. Chhalaang comes a day after Ludo released on Netflix, and we sure can’t get enough of him. The movie enjoys a great cast, Hansal Mehta’s vision but also Luv Ranjan’s co-writing. Though a comprehensive Chhalaang movie review would mean that it deserves a watch, it does have its flaws.

With Ranjan’s writing, we are known to have been introduced to problematic male characters, at various levels. Rajkummar’s Montu, is not free of them either. We also have Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as Mr. Singh, who is the more likable man, but we aren’t made to like him. Montu is a lazy laid-back PT teacher, but things change when he is made the assistant to Mr. Singh. To establish his position and also win over his love interest Neelu (Nushrat), he challenges Mr. Singh. Whoever goes on to win the challenge, gets to keep the job. Ila Arun plays the principal while Saurabh Shukla is who we can call Montu’s ‘sukh dukh ka saathi.’

Before the entire Chhalaang movie review, check out the trailer:

The movie does have a sports drama angle to it, but it is no Dangal or Mary Kom. At the end of it all, it is a drama with some romance, comedy, and conversation around sports. While the movie manages to kickstart a conversation that can be useful, it also does have more to it. Throughout the film, some instances are sure to stay with you, even without actually noticing them.

A Chhalaang movie review ought to credit Zeeshan and Raj for their absolutely amazing skills. While the former doesn’t have a lot to do, he still manages to do what he does the best. Rajkummar as Montu, though severely flawed, does a great job at making us want to believe the character he plays, and also sympathize with him. Nushrratt, though not a very significant path-breaking character, is what we can call the fun surprise element. The entire cast, on the other hand, is a treat to watch for they are all seasoned actors we love.

Chhalaang is not the perfect Bollywood film but is much better than many we are forced to watch. Hansal Mehta has managed to capture various aspects to a sports drama and made it into a little of everything – inspirational, motivational, love, drama, and more.

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