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Chintu Ka Birthday is an ordinary story in testing times and is a must watch

Zee5 is all set to premiere yet another original film on June 5, Chintu Ka Birthday. With the ongoing lockdown, online releases have definitely kept us all busy and running. Chintu Ka Birthday is a family drama that narrates the story of Chintu, who is stuck in Iraq with his family.

These are times from when the world was raging with war, the fall of Saddam. Chintu wants to celebrate his birthday but with everything happening in the outside world, it becomes rather difficult to deal with the ongoing situation. The story is all about how the Chintu looks forward to that moment of happiness on his birthday, but will it come through?

A desi family drama, Chintu Ka Birthday has its own moments that will leave you (re)thinking how to celebrate the simple joys of life. If anything, the movie will leave you with a long-lasting feeling of happiness, and contentment, if nothing. The movie was first filmed at the Jagran Film Festival in 2019 and received a massive response. In fact, it also bagged the Best Film award for Viewer’s Choice.

Watch the trailer here:

Vinay Pathak takes on the role of Chintu’s father and he went on to say how the movie is important to his film career and also praised the director duo of  Satyanshu and Devanshu Singh.

He feels, “Once you’ve watched it, you’d know how true and worth every praise is for the film. It’s an ensemble film, about a family, about being a family in dire circumstances, even if it means being stuck in a place for an indefinite time. I take immense pride and great pleasure to invite you all to attend ‘Chintu ka Birthday’ on the 5th of June, on ZEE5, a humane celebration of life you’d saviour forever.”

If you ask me, Chintu Ka Birthday is all about finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It tells you how to find joys in smaller things. The protagonist of the movie is the ray of hope that we manage to see in every dull moment, and how the smile at the end, is all worth it.

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