Christmas films to watch on Netflix if you want an early kickstart to your festive spirit

December is almost here and we can all use some Christmas films to watch given the rough year it has been, isn't it?

Nothing beats December feels as having a handful of Christmas films to watch, some hot chocolate and comfort. While it’s still time until the festivity kicks in, the spirits are already high! We decided to make a quick list of films that are available on Netflix and well, it is nothing short of a treat.

While there are some classic movies that make it to the cut and Home Alone forever tops it, we have more. There’s loads of romance, all things Christmassy, and a little more with these films.

Here’s a quick list of Christmas films to watch:


This happened to be one of the first on my list of Christmas films to watch since it was my first too. Nothing special here apart from the sheer concept of two people dating only around holidays. Oh, while it does have an ending that is as cliche as ever, the story isn’t so much! All through, you have a smile on your face, but you also wonder just why don’t the couple get together already!

Christmas Wonderland

Another love story, much like most on this list, this one is also adorable for the vibes it give. There also are two adorable kids around, a teenager and a younger one, and they make it adorable. While the story is based around the holidays, it also has a lot to do with finding your passion and chasing it, for it is never too late!

The Christmas Chronicles 2

A lot about Christmas is just how important family is, for no celebrations are ever complete without them! And so, here’s a rather magical film, that you must watch and it tops the feel good list as well. All through, you are sure to have a smile on your face, other times, you are laughing around! Watch the first movie if you haven’t, for it is just as lovely!

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

This one is yet another celebrated film on Netflix, and though this time, things got serious for the princesses, we loved it just as much! The best part about this list of Christmast films to watch is how they are a lot of other things as well, and important ones. Festive cheer is one thing, but they also leave you with some learnings, and a lot fo warmth.

Christmas Made To Order

If you are not a fan of the holidays, you need to watch this to change it. The movie is an absolute treat and at the same time, also a little emotional. It teaches us a lot of things, and beautifully so, much like others on the list!

Which one is your favourite of the lot? While we made a quick list of Christmas films to watch, you can find some on Netflix yourself as well!

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