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Christopher Plummer films to celebrate the acting legend

The news of legendary actor Christopher Plummer passing away took the internet by storm. The actor passed away at the age of 91. The veteran actor has been a part of the film industry for half a century and has to his credits some of the finest films. He also received an Academy Award, two Emmys as well as two Tony Awards. One cannot get enough of any Christopher Plummer film!

Some of the popular Christopher Plummer films have stayed with us long after the releases. In addition, he also has taken on the lead on stage for multiple Shakespearean plays including Othello, Hamlet, and more.

Have a look at some of the finest Christopher Plummer films curated into a list for you:

The Sound of Music

Talk about Christopher Plummer films and you cannot miss this one. The Sound of Music as I remember is a gem that I first saw in school. The tune of Do Re Mi is one none of us might have forgotten, and neither the actor’s portrayal of Captain von Trapp. The movie is available on Disney+Hostar.

Knives Out

If you love crime thrillers, could there be a better film from the actor? This whodunit watch takes you on the journey of Harlan Thrombey, a crime novelist, who happens to die. What follows is a plot as intriguing as any of his novels. You can watch it on Youtube.


For anyone who is a fan of animated films, this Pixar movie is a gem of a watch. Though not in person, this is also one of a kind Christopher Plummer film and we love it. He gave the voice to the antagonist, Charles Muntz.


An Oscar winner with three nominations to Plummer’s credit, this is a romantic comedy that is a feel-good watch. He plays Hal Fields in the film and it takes us through various topics like love, relationship, and family along with the topic of sexuality. The movie is available on YouTube.

And that’s on some of the finest Christopher Plummer films. He does indeed, have to his credit a filmography that must be cherished, and celebrated in its full glory!

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