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Class of 83 Review: Bobby Deol makes an effective comeback while the story seems to be a rush

Cop dramas have been a thing in Bollywood for the longest time, but with this Netflix film, it is more. This Class of 83 review is nothing short of cliches, and yet, the film somehow stands out. A major portion of the credit here goes to none other than Bobby Deol.

Set in the 1980s and based on the book, The Class of 83: The Punishers of Mumbai Police, the movie has its own flow. However, in an attempt to say what happens next, the film feels like a rush for more reasons than one. None the less, it does not take away what the film stands for or tries to put forth on-screen.

Deol takes the role of Vijay Singh, the dean of a police academy in Nashik, as a part of his punishment. But what he does is something that is bigger and above all, however, the trailer felt different than what the story shows.

Check out the trailer before reading the Class of 83 review further:

While Bobby Deol is fighting from one end, there is the politician on the other, played by Anup Soni. A veteran and a complete actor in more sense than one, he too, is a treat to watch. This Class of 83 review would also be incomplete without mentioning the team of the special 5.

As Vijay trains a special team to fight directly with the gangsters leading the underworld, these 5 are also a gem. Who’d say that Sameer Paranjape, Hitesh Bhojraj, Bhupendra Jadawat, Ninad Mahajani, and Prithvik Pratap are newbies in the crime drama?

Much like any review, this Class of 83 review too, is one that is to be a mixed one, much like the film. While on one hand, there is impeccable cinematography, on the other, the story seems to be rushing too fast. Though some might think that the makers are simply trying to keep you up to speed, some feel that there is more to explore.

While we know that there are some oh so typical things that go about in a cop drama, this one skips through some. However, the sheer attempt at doing so is to speed the viewing experience, but often, it makes viewers feel out of touch.

All in all, the movie is entertaining for its cast, but it might or might not succeed at keeping you hooked.

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