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Monday, April 12, 2021

Coolie No 1 Review: Sara Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan’s act falls flat

David Dhawan's Coolie No. 1 is now out on Amazon Prime and while it sure has received quite the backlash, some still hold the film dear.

It took me a couple of minutes to come around writing this Coolie No 1 review, trying to find a headstart to it. None the less, my inference is how not a lot is nice about it, barring Sara Ali Khan and Varun, of course. But wait, we aren’t talking about their acting, because they fail and how.

Coolie No 1 remake is the result of throwing in big bucks, popular faces, some peppy numbers together, for the worst mix ever. If we were being honest, the whole of this Coolie No 1 review might not begin to describe how bad the film is. For starters, the movie is extremely outdated, with scenes simply lifted from the original, and, they aren’t even funny anymore.

Sara Ali Khan and Varun seemed to make for a decent pair, but even that does not work. Guess why? Well, Sara has very little to do in the movie, while Varun is trying a little too hard. Things become very tricky with remakes, especially when it is a classic like Coolie No. 1. What Govinda did, Dhawan failed to come even close, and what’s sad is a director doing this to his own film. Before you decide on watching the film on the basis of this Coolie No 1 review, also watch the trailer.

Check out the trailer here:

The leads seem to have been wasted with such a film, it also fails actors like Paresh Rawal. We all are aware of the kind of magic the likes of Rawal can create. Johnny Lever and Rajpal Yadav are capable of a different level of comedy, but the film fails them. We’ve seen a Judwaa 2 as well, but do we learn from the mistakes? It just seems to be getting worse with every film.

Bollywood remakes and remixes are not going to keep its ship afloat, especially when we have such great content. While the commercialization of such films is something that is on a rise, the success rate is low after all. Everyone who has been talking about Coolie No 1 review, seems to have been left disappointed. However, what else were we expecting anyway? It is indeed time that the creators and makers learn the right way to present content. In fact, it should be so with remakes, as well, especially with them in fact.


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