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Monday, April 12, 2021

Delhi Crime on Netflix being nominated for International Emmy’s is every lesson that must reflect on Indian content

Delhi Crime on Netflix is now over a year old. It narrates the story of a heartwrenching incident of gang rape from December 2012. It features an ensemble cast and narrates the story with very little to zero antiques. While it does have multiple stories running in the background, not for once, does it divulge from what it set out to achieve.

The web series has 7 episodes and features an ensemble cast of Shefali Shah, Rasika Dugal, Rajesh Tailang, and Gopal Dutt Tiwari. While the crime is as brutal and has also been documented, it makes you feel uncomrtable, not wanting to reiterate it further. None the less, it does not aim to add drama to what we know is the truth, and the chase that it was to get hold of the criminals.

Delhi Crime on Netflix:

There isn’t anything new to talk about the series, but the wait for the second season continues. It is underway and while there isn’t an update just yet, it sure wants us to look forward to what lies ahead. Meanwhile, this nomination is indeed a lesson, much like Arjun Mathur’s, for portraying what is the way it is.

Much like the stereotypical portrayl of cops, or crime, or Delhi as a city, Delhi Crime on Netflix does away with the innuendos. While it makes your blood boil to look at what happened, it also gives you a sense of belief in fighting a crime as brutal as this one. Personal biases aside, the series is lead by females, is the story of a female, and yet, it does not further ingrain any of the mindsets we’ve always seen.

While the lesson is not just in the story, it also lies in the story telling. No glorification of those in charge, no petty politics, and a strong sense of what matters – Delhi Crime is everything that must be thought of as a benchmark for more reaosns than one.

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