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‘Delhi On Road for SSR’ trends on Twitter as fans seek justice

Sushant Singh Rajput fans have taken to Twitter and on the roads as they trend Delhi On Road for SSR. Read about it on Platocast.

Sushant Singh Rajput fans have been at it ever since the actor first passed away in 2020. Time and again, Twitterverse takes to various trends so as to seek justice for the actor. Today, the trend that has taken over is ‘Delhi On Road for SSR’ as fans demand justice.

Over the 8 months since the actor’s death, CBI hasn’t concluded the investigation as yet. While many things are being said about the mysterious death of the late actor, fans are still looking for answers. Time and again, Twitterverse has questioned the CBI and also the due course of the investigation. And now, they are still looking for answers, as well as justice as they trend Delhi On Road for SSR.

Photos of the protests that are being carried out in Delhi have also taken to social media. A Twitter user wrote, ”They can kill a revolutionary but they can never kill the revolution.” Along with the Tweets, fans have also been sending out all their love to the actor, celebrating him and his work. Fans of the actor decided to head to CBI headquarters in New Delhi, in order to demand answers and concrete results.

Check out some of the Tweets about Delhi On Road for SSR here:


Well, this is not the first time that there is a protest or when fans have taken to Twitter to demand answers. Ever since Sushant’s demise, there have been many movements that his fans have supported, all while seeking justice. While ‘Delhi On Road for SSR’ is just one of the many such movements, his demise also reignited the nepotism debate in Bollywood. To date, fans continue blaming nepotism as one of the reasons for his alleged murder. In fact, his fans are also not ready to admit that it was murder in the first place.

Though the fight for his justice continues, a charge sheet from CBI is now the only thing that will help fans understand everything better.

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