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Drishyam 2 review: Mohanlal pulls it off but the story falls short


Drishyam 2 movie review
Drishyam 2, the sequel to Drishyam featuring Mohanlal in the lead role has been a much-awaited movie. Returning after over 7 years, the story is likely to get complicated, but does it do complete justice to the original? Maybe not!

Sequels these days always have us wondering and questioning if there was a need for one in the first place. While the answer for most of them is a strong no, some bear an exception to it. A movie that hit the ball out of the part is Jeetu Joseph’s 2013 film, Drishyam. The movie has been remade for Bollywood lovers as well and it was equally well-received by the audiences. If you are curious about the Drishyam 2 release date, it is now out on Prime video. And with that, Drishyam 2 movie reviews have been pouring in – some good, and some not so much.

Ask us about our Drishyam 2 review, and we’d eventually get into it. Drishyam 2 cast includes Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan, Esther Anil, Asha Sarath, Siddique, and K.B. Ganesh Kumar. Meanwhile, the slated Drishyam 2 release date is that of February 18, 2021 (midnight) and it is now streaming.

So far, we saw how Georgekutty, made it through watching films, thereby saving his family. For someone who is not well educated, his endless hours of film viewing come in handy. It all started when Varun, the son of Inspector-General of Police Geeta Prabhakar, blackmails Geogekutty’s daughter, Anju, with a photo of hers. Things go absolutely berserk when Anju and her mother try to defend themselves. Drishyam was the story of how Georgekutty finds his way out of all this battling the cops and saving his family. The Drishyam sequel, on the other hand, picks up from where it left.

Check out the Drishyam 2 trailer here:

For a movie that felt so on the edge originally, we do feel a sense of lagging behind in terms of the story. Something that all of the Drishyam 2 reviews also seem to be highlighting is how despite all things, Mohanlal is the absolute star. While his on-screen character has evolved and now owns a theatre, his acting skills have equally risen up as well.

Georgekutty is trying to get a film produced, the script and story of which he has ready. The plot, published in the form of a book, is about to turn things around for him later. Meanwhile, the fact that Varun’s body was never found is still a point of conversation. In fact, with Gerogekutty doing so well for himself it brings added attention. When the new police chief steps in, the case against him is reopened. And so, that is when it all begins once again.

Here’s the trailer of Drishyam:

As one can guess, things are sure about to turn complicated. Much to everyone’s displeasure, they do, but why fear when Georgekutty is here, right? He manages to do everything possible and somehow, the cops seem to fall short of it. One may or may not be might impressed to give away too many stars for a Drishyam 2 movie review. However, Mohanlal bags an extra one for sure. So if it were on us, the whole of Drishyam 2 cast on one side, and Mohanlal’s performance on the other. Drishyam 2 IMDb ratings are a decent 8.8 and we come close to agreeing to it!

The story may not feel relatable, but the cause behind it all does – that to save one’s family. And if it comes to it, everyone may go to extents after all! The common man, or the middle-class people, that’s all they have, to protect despite all that goes otherwise.

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