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Drishyam 2 trailer: Mohanlal has to rethink deeds from the past

The Dirshyam 2 trailer has been in the news since yesterday, ever since the leak happened. However, the makers have now officially unveiled the trailer. A Jeetu Joseph directorial, Drishyam 2 releases on February 19 on Amazon Prime Video.

Interestingly, Drishyam released back in 2013, and was then remade in several languages. Meanwhile, Drishyam 2 has come to light after over 6 years. Well, for anyone who knows the story, this is as interesting as it can get. And returning to the screens will be the OG Drishyam cast: Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan, and Esther Anil.

Before moving further, check out the Drishyam 2 trailer here:


The Drishyam 2 trailer kickstarts with Georgekutty and his family going on with their lives. All of this follows after everything we saw in the first film. He has always been a fan of films and is now working in the film business, while his wife has her apprehensions. However, as the case of the cop’s death is reopens, things might go for a toss. Meanwhile, we also see in the trailer how everyone in the town has their own suspicions. Given the fact that Gerogekutty’s daughter and the cop’s son were friends, a lot of questions arise!

The Drishyam 2 trailer is being received extremely well by the viewers. Even after all these years, the film has found a strong fan base. After all these years, it will be interesting to see how things go down further.

As quoted by The Indian Express, Mohanlal said, ”Drishyam 2 isn’t just a good-versus-evil crime thriller. It is an immersive story about Georgekutty and his family and the emotional journey he goes through to save them, at any cost.”

Shot in Kochi and Thodupuzha, director Joseph was convinced by the producer that an OTT release would mean a wider audience for the film. Well, a number of films have been on hold across the industry due to COVID-19. Hence, this sure could be the smarter choice!

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