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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Farhan Akhtar in Marvel series? Netizens are going berserk

There is no doubt that India does have some of the finest actors, and Farhan Akhtar sure is one of them. And guess a majority favourite when it comes to choosing a superhero universe? Yes, that is right, it is Marvel! And well, it looks like we might see Farhan Akhtar in a Marvel series. However, we don’t know enough just yet!

As it turns out, Farhan is currently in Bangkok and Marvel is what that could be about. Farhan in a Marvel series? Does it get any better than this? Well, who knows really! Nonetheless, what we know is he is shooting for an international project. So, we don’t really know a lot just yet.

As per The Quint, ”Farhan is currently stationed in Bangkok, along with an international cast and crew, for the shoot of a project with Marvel Studios. All other details of the project are under wraps.”

Well, if you ask us, Farhan in a Marvel project is quite the dream. And we bet, netizens agree too!


MCU is about to see two superhero series that will have superheroes from Asia i.e. Ms Marvel and Sang-Chi! The movie, Sang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be releasing in September 2021. Sang-Chi will play a master of wushu fighting styles, including those with weapons. Playing th titular role will be Kim’s Convenience actor Simu-Liu.

Come to think of it, as for Ms Marvel, it will be the first Muslim superhero series. And who knows, Farhan is shooting for the series. As for the reports doing the rounds, it is the only Marvel project being shot in Thailand right now. It is supposed to go on-air on Disney+Hotstar sometime this year. Currently, we know Carol Danvers as the Captain Marvel, but taking over after her, will be Pakistani teenager Kamala Khan. Among other members, the cast of the show also includes Mohan Kapur, who will play Khan’s father.

Now, what we await is to see what does Farhan have to do in the project. More often than not, Indians have roles that are a hit and miss, but we hope there is more for him. Indians already love the Marvel universe, they don’t need to bait us into it, do they now?

So are we excited about Farhan in a Marvel project?

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