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Filmfare Awards 2021: Ayushmann celebrates Irrfan’s awards

Filmfare Awards 2021: Ayushmann celebrated Irrfan's awards with a heartfelt note he shared on social media. Read more about it on Platocast.

The Filmfare Awards 2021 have everyone feeling a lot of bittersweet things. Winning the Filmfare best actor award as well as a lifetime achievement award last night, was legendary actor Irrfan. Actor Ayushmann Khurrana presented the award to Irrfan’s son, Babil. And well, it turned out to be quite an emotional moment after all.

Ayushmann penned a heartfelt note for Irrfan as he got the chance to present the award. While the actor mentioned how he is honoured to do so, he also has the nicest of things to say about Babil. Irrfan passed away on April 29, 2020. These were both posthumous awards to Irrfan, and not just his son Babil, but everyone feels emotional right now.

Ayushmann celebrated Irrfan’s wins with a note. He wrote, ”We artistes are a unique species. We have our vulnerabilities and imaginations and theories. We rely on observations and experiences.” And then, he said something beautiful. He wrote, ”We live and die a thousand deaths on the celluloid or on stage. But the power of those performances makes us immortal.

Ayushmann celebrates Irrfans posthumous awards at Filmfare Awards 2021:


The Filmfare Awards 2021 have been one that sure has our attention for all the right reasons. In fact, post the mixed reaction to the National Film Awards this year, the Filmfare Awards 2021 winners are all celebratory ones. From Thappad to Gulabo Sitabo, much-loved films and actors have both won big. While everyone is celebrating Irrfan, netizens too, have a lot to say. As can be seen, posthumous awards to Irrfan is in fact one of the most emotional moments for many, simply for the love, everyone holds for him.

While Ayushmann celebrates Irrfan’s wins, Twitterverse is not far behind:


Well, Irrfan truly deserved the best actor award at Filmfare, and there’s not a single person who disagrees. Almost a year after his death, the Filmfare Awards 2021 have brought back memories of the actor, and how!

Here’s to celebrating Irrfan, now and forever!

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