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Flesh Review: Swara Bhasker leads the way in this much needed story about human trafficking

Human trafficking feels like a cause that is too close to home and it is only necessary that more stories be told about them. In an attempt to draw our attention to the same, we have Swara Bhasker and Akshay Oberoi’s Flesh. While it sure reminds us of Rani Mukerji’s Mardaani, we sure have more to add to this Flesh review.

OTT is an ever so evolving platform and that is what makes dealing with such topics, a tad bit seamless. This story is about the daughter of an NRI couple, Zoya (Mahima Makwana) who is kidnapped, only to be sold off. The human-trafficking ring has its hold from Mumbai to Kolkata, and that is when ACP Radha (Swara) steps in.

Before reading the Flesh review, see the trailer here:

While there are as many cliches as there could be, the show has its own highs. And well, writing and direction are definitely the best of them. At a time when we judge web series on how soon we finish it, this is one of those.

A Flesh review is going to be incomplete without having mentioned just how many issues it deals with apart from human trafficking. It is rather interesting how the freedom on web content paves the way for some thought-provoking questions and this does so just fine.

Just like any other review, this Flesh review will also talk about the lows, but these are the kind that can be ignored. While the resemblance to Shivani Shivaji Roy from Mardaani remains, there is sure more to it in multiple ways.

At certain points, one might find the some visual glitches in what we see on the screen, but those are easily overlooked. None the less, these are points where the show could have gained a point. Instead, it happens to lose out on one.

If we were to sum up the Flesh review into a few words, we’d say it is a show that is one to create a difference. Amongst the flock of shows that continue to have our attention, Flesh deserves to be one too.

While you will have some hard-hitting questions looming in your mind at the end, you will also feel disturbed. However, this is the truth of so many, in this country, and it is shocking indeed!

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