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Forbidden Love on Zee5: 5 reasons to watch out for the second chapter

Forbidden Love on Zee5 is proof of just how there are various shades of love, each of its kind. The series is an anthology of four films from 4 directors. With stories from Pradeep Sarkar, Priyadarshan, Anniruddha Roy Chaudhary, and Mahesh Manjarekar, each has its own essence. What one is likely to witness through the story stories we see is just how things are simple, yet complicated.

The first two stories are titled Arranged Marriage and Anamika, where the former talks about homosexuality. This one is from none other than Pradeep Sarkar. The second story is one that explores the age difference in a love story, that sees a rather different end.

Watch the trailer of Forbidden Love on Zee5:

The other two stories are going to be out soon, and here are 5 reasons to watch out for the second chapter:

Telling stories that matter

So far, the two stories that we have seen must be heard, for they have one of its kind essences. From homosexuality to the dynamics between two lovers, it has explored just enough. And now, the upcoming two stories are one that have us excited about what lies ahead.

Uncomplicating love while complicating it

For Indian cinema or even OTT content on the web, love has always been shown in various forms and shades. However, what we show things to be complicated, heartbreaks, etc, are basically rather simple. While uncomplicating love, Forbidden Love on Zee5 also teaches us to unlearn the prejudices around love.

Provides a perspective

In line with what has been told above, we learn to see love in a different form and rightly so. Over the due course of two stories that we see, each has its own perspective, also enabling us to break stereotypes we have been bounded by.

An ensemble cast

With the likes of Aditya Seal, Omkar Kapoor, Ali Fazal, among others, it is also a visual treat. While many feel that the stories are old wine packed in new bottles, for once, this is also goodness in every way. The stories are being told by the right makers through the right people with Forbidden Love on Zee5.

Underlying implications with an excellent storytelling

Not overhyping the series, but this story here is one that is larger than what a typical film/series suggests. Eventually, things make sense on why they were the way they were, but only because of the story that it narrates, and beautifully so!

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