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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Ginny Weds Sunny review: Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam starrer is just another mediocre rom-com

Vikrant Massey and Yami Gautam are two of the finest actors in Bollywood. While both of them have some of the best films to their credit, there is so much untapped potential there. The duo is capable of creating magic, but they have been made to work on mediocrity instead. A Ginny Weds Sunny review is not as much about the film as about a wasted effort.

As typical as it gets, the movie has all of the Bollywood romantic stereotypes, however, the concept, not so much. When one first sees the trailer, it looks as interesting as ever for it has a quirky plotline. However, the movie fails to deliver what it promises. Ginny and Sunny aka Yami and Vikrant take us on a fun journey but one that doesn’t bring anything new.

Before reading the Ginny Weds Sunny review further, see the trailer here:

The movie sees Ginny’s mother (played by Ayesha Raza) talk Sunny into convincing her daughter for marriage. Through all of this, there are as many tropes applied as possible, but none in the right direction. The movie seems to be filled with little of what Bollywood has shown over the years, even when it can be so much more.

Another problem with the movie is the stalking that it involves, even after a movie like Raanjhana was found to be as problematic. None the less, Ginny Weds Sunny review does deserve appreciation for its actors. Both Vikram as well as Yami have done a great job at their roles while Ayesha wins all the accolades for us.

Meanwhile, the movie cannot be criticized for its premises, because Bollywood has always promoted all these things. While it has its own highs, they are rather scarce. At the end of it all, Ginny Weds Sunny review can be summed up into one that is mediocre. However, it makes for a decent one time watch amid the sea of films and shows.

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