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Gulabo Sitabo Trailer: Big B and Ayushmann squabble their way through

Amitabh Bachchan and Ayushmann Khurrana’s upcoming film, Gulabo Sitabo has been one of the most awaited films of the year. However, as it turns out, the lockdown has lead to the movie heading for a digital release. The Gulabo Sitabo trailer dropped today and it sure has all of us smiling through.

The Shoojit Sircar directorial sees Amitabh as the cribbing landlord and Ayushmann as a rather stubborn tenant. In the Gulabo Sitabo trailer, while we witness constant bickering between the two, it looks captivating anyway. Gulabo (Amitabh) wants Sitabo (Ayushmann) to vacate the room, however, he just won’t do it. And this tale narrates al that happens in the process of their desires.

Right from Ayushmann cribbing about the condition to Amitabh selling off the bulbs from his room, the Gulabo Sitabo promises that the movie will be a laughter riot. While we think there won’t be any complications, we eventually witness lawyers come in.

Watch the Gulabo Sitabo trailer here:

Through the due course, while the landlord wishes to sell his beloved Haveli, things complicate when some historical significance of it comes to fore. And that is when the archaeological department refuses to allow him to seel the Haveli, but what is the fate going to be?

The Gulabo Sitabo trailer does leave you thinking for a minute, what is going on after all. However, the question shall be answered only when the movie hits the screens. Gulabo Sitabo is due for a release on Prime Video on June 12. If not for anything, this film must be watched for the sheer energy Ayushmann and Big B bring on-screen.

Both Ayushmann and Bachchan have gone de-glam for this one and how. While there is little convincing that Ayushmann needs, Big B is a treat to watch. He has taken over an oddly old man who isn’t the strongest of all, but his screen presence, charming.

All in all, this comedy-drama is going to be a great watch and given the lockdown, we could all use a film like this. What awaits us is how does this landlord-tenant duo keep us hooked to the movie.

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