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Monday, April 12, 2021

Had a dull weekend? Films/Shows you can watch during the week

It is always great to have a curated list of films/shows you can watch when you go out looking for something. And while we know there’s always something on the watchlist, we must keep adding more. One can never tire off watching new things streaming on OTT platforms and that is the beauty of it.

So, as the new week is about to begin, we have curated a list for you with varying genres in here. While some might need you to wait, some are streaming already and you might have missed them earlier. Suit your needs and make a pick you think you’ll enjoy.

Films/Shows you can watch over the week:

Mirzapur Season 2

One of the most awaited shows to watch, we have all been waiting for this one. If you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you give the first season a try. For someone who finished the entire season in one seating, it sure seems to be an exciting time to wait up for season 2. While there has been a lot of conversation around the series, fans of the show have been waiting for it.

A Suitable Boy

This one is yet another much-awaited short series and is going to stream on Netflix this Friday. With a cast like Tabu, Ishan Khatter, and the story, there is absolutely no reason to not watch out for this one. The story is one of its kind and hence, it has made to this list of films/shows you can watch and must watch.

Poison 2

A crime thriller and a rather underrated pick, this one has managed to create quite the buzz. While not many have seen the first season, this is the kind of series that kept up with what we saw earlier. While we see new additions here and there, the story continues to have edge of the seat drama and a lot more.

Ginny Weds Sunny

Vikrant Massey is a gem, and while we have our share of problems with this one, it is a one time watch. If you are looking for films/shows you can watch that are easy going, what better than a typical Bollywood film? The film has its own highs and keeps up to speed, even though you do find some cliches in there!

Scam 1992

Pratik Gandhi is a star and we need more actors like him. For a story that is based on a real person, Harshad Mehta, you will feel like you’re as close to reality as you could be. Our list of films/shows you can watch this week would totally be incomplete without this one. With this one, you’ll get not just great performances, but a well said story as well.

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