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Monday, April 12, 2021

Halahal or Crackdown? Here are our next thriller picks for you

The lockdown and the time that followed have produced some of the finest films and web shows. However, a genre that continues to be enjoyed the most is a thriller. As we progress further, we seem to get multiple picks to choose from. And today, our choices are between two great thrillers – Halahal or Crackdown?

Halahal is a movie from Eros Now and is inspired by a real life story. It features Barun Sobti and Sachin Khedekar in lead roles. While narrating the story of a father who is looking for justice for his daughter, things turn complicated. Barun plays a typical cop from Delhi, but not without humanizing it.

If we were to give you the story, it might soon turn into a spoiler. None the less, we ought to applaud the performances, both big and small ones. Through and through, this film looks simple at the surface, but is an absolute piece of brilliance.

Halahal or Crackdown? check the trailers here:


Meanwhile, Crackdown, directed by Apoorva Lakhiya is an espionage thriller. It features Saqib Saleem, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Iqbal Khan, Rajesh Tailang, among others. The basic premises for this 8 episode series is about the tensions at the border while safeguarding the nation. Amid all of this, there are highlights that keep you hooked. However, it feels like a drag here and there.

While we witness what looks like an interesting thriller, there are loose ends that don’t fit right. However, with the kind of story that has something going on almost every minute, you don’t want to miss this one out.

If you happen to be torn between Halahal or Crackdown, we’d suggest you pick both, one at a time. On one hand, Halahal ends in one sitting rather quickly, Crackdown will give you time to binge on. Both of them have their own essence and rightly deserve a watch. In fact, Crackdown is sure to have a second season in store, and that makes things exciting!

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