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Happy Birthday Sonu Sood: Celebrate the actor who stood for a cause by doing what he does

The perfect way to send out Happy Birthday Sonu Sood wishes is to celebrate his causes. While he has managed to make a mark in Bollywood, he also has found a place in our hearts. With his constant efforts to work towards people’s larger good, we think he deserves to be known for all those things.

Hence, we thought of listing down some of the causes he is associated with. If you might, you can do your bit as a celebration of him, and everything that he stands for. While we are sure to miss out on something, we here’re some of his top deeds according to us.

Put your position to the right use

It could range from anything, including how you use your reach to help connect to the right people or be the one helping. If you have the resources and the means, you might as well get good for others too. And well, that is what he has been doing, and continues to.

Support small businesses

There have been so many Tweets from the actor where he lent a helping hand, but none like ones where he helped business prosper. Something that has been in the news is him helping out Hyderabad techie who resorted to selling vegetables amid COVID-19 issue.

None the less, there is so much more than the Dabangg actor has done. In fact, one might as well wonder if we should say happy birthday Sonu Sood or happy birthday SuperSood? There have been multiple instances when the actor has been hailed a hero, and rightly so.

Among other things, he has also gone on to help farmers, and one news that was all over is him buying one a tractor. We all know how equipment is important yet expensive. He has also been a staunch supporter of women and he recently did something grand.

When a video of an old lady from women doing some lathi wielding went viral, the actor decided to open a school of martial arts for women. There is no question as to why do we think this is important. Also, we are implying how we must always think of in a direction women empowerment, for more reasons than one!

While these words might fall short for more reasons than one, it is well-known everything that he stands for.

Happy Birthday Sonu Sood! 

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