Here’s a FRIENDS crossover amid Twada Kutta Tommy memes we didn’t know we needed

Shehnaaz Gill's Twada Kutta Tommy dialogue has taken over the internet courtesy of Yashraj Mukhate. But this FRIENDS crossover just made it better.

Twada Kutta Tommy memes have become the new cool, haven’t they? The whole of the internet has gone gaga over just how Yashraj Mukhate created another hit rap. What is the most interesting is how these are moments that we’ve all noticed but they never caught on. But look at them now? Well, well, it is only getting funnier and the creativity just doesn’t stop.

Yashraj became popular post his ‘Rasode mein Kaun tha’ rap from the show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. The track got him a lot of recognition and eventually, he has become quite the internet sensation for his music. But it looks like there’s no stopping him since Twada Kutta Tommy is the new cool. His rap gave way to many many more videos and Twada Kutta Tommy memes, but one of them caught our attention, and how!

If you are wondering just how does it begin to make sense, well, it does. If the Twada Kutta Tommy memes weren’t enough already, we now have a FRIENDS crossover with it. The meme video doing the rounds features all 6 of them in bits and pieces and it is as funny as it can get. Not to forget, the highlight is Joey (Matt Le Blanc) with the drums when the beats come, and it is a mic drop moment.

Check out the video we are talking about right here:

Here’s the video rap from Yashraj:

Bigg Boss 13 was quite the hit, and getting into the Twada Kutta Tommy details, it is a dialogue from Shehnaaz Gill in the show. While the reality show is an absolute hit with the audiences, it is these things that make it bigger. In fact, Shehnaaz too garnered a lot of love, and we all know the kind of fandom that FRIENDS enjoys! With every new trend and not just the Twada Kutta Tommy memes, it is this show that becomes the first to be picked up!

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