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Here’s why you should watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama as it clocks in 9 years

None the less, this isn’t what you think it is going to be. The movie revolves around three boys and three girls and screams drama in relationships. But beyond that, it screams a lot of other things too. So today, we will talk about everything that is wrong with the film.

For someone who is a fan of Kartik Aaryan for how good he looks and how he is a humble chap, I would still point out why there is so much wrong with it. For the longest time now, Kartik Aaryan’s films have been called out and this one happened to be the start of it. We did not have a lot of conversation around misogyny or other things back then. However, I think if you watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama again, it might bring a new perspective.

Remember how there was all this hullabaloo about Pati Patni Aur Woh because of Aaryan’s monologue? Well, there is a lot of wrong with PKP. If that was not enough, we have a sequel to it too. Let’s be honest, I have watched all his films, and I do gush over him, but the content? Maybe not.

If you watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama today and are someone who understands films beyond what meets the eye, you will call it out too. Luv Ranjan’s film not only makes misogyny look like the order of the day, but it has a ton of generalizations following it too.

Pyar Ka Punchnama trailer:

Pyaar Ka Punchnama is more than just boys trying to casually talk about love or relationships. In addition, it, in fact, looks down upon how women and relationships go together, in so many ways. While there are a lot of fun things about the film, what is majorly wrong is putting the females in the spot.

And what for? To show how these three males, are just about perfect and everything is only wrong with their better halves. If you watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama with a simple thought process as to how the film isn’t just for fun, you’ll probably discover new themes to it too.

I have watched all films including Sonu Ki Tittu Ki Sweety and I am not denying that it is relatable at various points. However, that does not make the film entire correct. Now, if we talk about films being a mere form of entertainment, I’d say be it. But shouldn’t it be done in a rather unbiased manner?

The movie(s) have done very well and good for everyone associated with it, but what about the larger picture? The cinema that it promotes and the way it projects women? Well, this lockdown, here’s a question you must think about.

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