Hindu-Muslim love stories
Stills from the movie: Kedarnath

Hindu-Muslim love stories have existed in films ways before one in a Tanishq Ad

Bollywood has seen multiple Hindu-Muslim love stories and here are some films that might help some broaden their perspective. More

Hindu-Muslim love stories have existed in films ways before one in a Tanishq Ad

The recent Tanishq advertisement seems to have created quite an outrage. So much, that the makers have had to withdraw the ad and issue an apology. But is this the first time when we are witnessing inter-faith love stories? Hindu-Muslim love stories have been the basic plot for so many Bollywood films, and we have watched them as well.

The culture of ‘boycotting’ everything has lead to a cancel culture being prevalent in the country. For a country that calls itself secular and democratic, we might not be living up to our Constitution after all. The most recent film that showed one of the most beautiful Hindu-Muslim stories is Kedarnath. While there were eyebrows raised against it, could anyone cancel the entire film?

Check out the trailer here:

Netizens and the audiences express outrage at the mildest of things, and the creators keep on complying. However, it is necessary that instead of giving in, we spread awareness of things that matter. Have we forgotten Veer Zara? One of the supposedly finest films in Bollywood, one that shows two different religions?

We have seen various films having a plotline around religion, some subtly depicting people from different religions falling in love. Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani was nothing about faith, yet, it saw a Christian fell in love with a Hindu. The problem that lies here is with that of Hindu-Muslim love stories, in any form, on any medium.

‘Love Jihad’ is a term that has become quite the commonly used word when it comes to such instances. While people go about spreading hate in the name of religion, we have all forgotten to become more inclusive. You talk about two people from different faiths falling in love, and all eyes are on you!

Remember the classic Bombay? We saw the Hindu-Muslim angle pose a problem back in 1995, and it is a problem in 2020 as well. Things haven’t changed and most of us know, they probably won’t change either. With films, ads, and every artform trying to promote tolerance, among other things, we don’t seem to learn! The list of films is endless and the questions against them too. But aren’t we supposed to be looking for answers instead?

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Hindu-Muslim love stories have existed in films ways before one in a Tanishq Ad

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