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How ‘The Big Day’ on Netflix is more than just rich fancy weddings

'The Big Day' on Netflix has grabbed a lot of eyeballs and while some have slammed it, it does have its own essence. Read on Platocast.

Netflix seems to have done it once again, only this time, it fared better. After their show Indian Matchmaking, we had our reservations. Their latest web series is about marriage and fancy Indian weddings, and a little bit more. Now, while there’s glamour, there’s also a handful of things wrong with The Big Day on Netflix. Though it has its own highs and lows, but it is interesting how it promotes the kinda bride who won’t bow down.

So here’s an interesting aspect we want to talk about, probably all the slamming for Seema aunty in the previous series helped. None the less, here we have brides looking mighty pretty on their d-day while also breaking stereotypes. While Indian Matchmaking was less about such women, The Big Day on Netflix presents a lot more, beautifully so.

It is lovely to see how Netflix might have corrected its wrongs and has brought for us strong women, all set to lead happy married lives. After Aparna had our hearts in the previous show, this time, Pallavi Bishnoi is our lovely much talked about the bride. She is seen tying the knot with high school sweetheart Rajat Swarup, and it was a lovely sight.

Check out the trailer of The Big Day on Netflix:

So among other things that have our attention, it is the beautiful equation that has our hearts. She is seen mentioning how she earns more, however, there is no space for insecurity there, even though it is not the norm. Further, she mentions how brides being called ‘bridezilla’ is something that is definitely appalling.

The Big Day on Netflix sees her mention how they get called out. And what for? Just for wanting to have things her way on her day. Well, it is definitely not just her who feels it is sad. In addition, we see her take a stand on the concept of Kanyadaan. Though it is a long-standing ritual, there’s more that one has to and can do. An so, we manage to see that being welcomed, promoted, and also executed.

The Big Day on Netflix is a breath of fresh air. Another bride who has all the love from us is Ami Panday. She is seen getting married to Nithin Zacharias, and oh you know what she does? Well, she decides to do away with traditions that maker her uncomfortable and so, they exchange vows instead. It is absolutely beautiful how these are all so impactful instances!

So all in all, we see the two brides lead the way forward. And all of this, while taking care of every single thing and eventually, making a strong attempt at smashing the patriarchy. Of course, all of that and so much more, with full support from the men they are marrying!

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