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Bharatham with a Hip Hop fusion takes social media by storm

How about Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance form and Hip Hop evolved in the United nation combine to create a new gens dance style? Read about a 23-year-old who came up with Hybrid Bharatham and went viral on social media.

Curious to know what the video is about?. Check it out right here!

 A dance video went viral on a social media platform, uploaded on July 31, 2020, by Usha Jey with over 50,598 views. Usha, a dancer and, a choreographer came up with her new dance style and is being applauded by many. What’s in this video that’s so interesting? Read below to know more. 

The Viral Video

Usha Jey wearing a yellow saree with her co-dancer, Orlane Dede tried a unique dance style that let viewers enjoy every moment of it. A 23-year-old combined ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Bharatanatyam’ which are two different styles together. 

Paris based Tamilian Usha embraces her culture and says, ” I believe Tamil culture in my strength. This dance is so interesting, so I started to take classes and study it. “She as a choreographer mixed two different dance forms and called it as ‘ Hybrid Bharatham ‘

On July 31, 2020, Usha posted the video and wrote, “ I name this #HybridBharatham and, that is my approach of mixing two types that I like. Hip-Hop will all the time be my old flame, however, I have a giant affection for Bharatanatyam. I’m not a professional of Bharatanatyam but, I will likely be”.

She says, ” With my Hybrid Bharatham series, I’m mixing 2 worlds. For me, it’s like my life: balancing between western culture and Tamil culture.”

The video has been re-shared by many and viewed for over 50,598 times on Instagram. 

Dance Life 

A Hip-Hop choreographer and a dancer, Usha has been practicing the dance form for over 8-9 years now, and a well-known international collective called Ghettostyle (@ghettostylefam). 

She does Hip-Hop choreographies on English, French, and Tamil tracks. She has been practicing Bharathanatyam for over four years but it was challenging in the beginning. for her as Usha started to learn Bharathanatyam when she was 20 years old. 

Hybrid Bharatham

A final year master’s degree in entrepreneurship and project management student, Usha Jey, came up with ‘Hybrid Bharatham’. The first episode of Hybrid Bharatham went viral on Twitter, crossing over 2 million views and was retweeted by Dababy. 

The third episode was with Orlane Dede, a professional dancer who is actually not a Tamilian, but she loves the culture so she began to learn Bharathanatyam. It had a different reach through Instagram with multiple re-shares and appreciation. Usha chooses female dancers to join her on each episode of ‘Hybrid Bharatham’ dance form. 

Usha says, “It always motivates when people support your work, so we were grateful for the love.” 

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