Impressive cast to a gripping sci-fi thriller; Here are reasons to watch JL50 on Sony LIV

JL50 is a name that might not bring in a lot of thoughts until you’ve seen what the trailer holds. But even when you see it, there’s very little you know about it. To make things simpler about what looks like a great watch, we made a list of reasons to watch JL50.

While you might or might not like the show at the end of it, the experience it has is something different. For more reasons than one, this is a show that keeps you hooked, until this moment of surprise, one that takes you aback.

Before moving to the 5 reasons to watch JL50 list, check out the trailer here:


The ensemble cast

Abhay Deol, Pankaj Kapur, Piyush Mishra, Ritika Anand, and Rajesh Sharma coming together for this is qutie a feat. Abhay as the CBI officer, Mishra playing a bad guy who is not actually bad while Kapur adding layers to his character, there is just so much to discover here.

One of a kind Sci-fi thriller

This is one of those reasons to watch JL50 that one cannot scratch just on the surface. The show has managed to bring a sense of Indianness with the references it uses to the concept of time travel. What it does is not rely on the Hollywood style of filmic tool, but keeps it beautifully subtle.

Adequate emotional appeal

For a thriller, the show has multiple emotional moments, ones that won’t feel out of the blue, but just enough. On more than one occasion, we have seen emotions take over, for good or worse, and that has been captured with finesse.

It is a mini-series

While we all our binge-watching shows right now, the aim is to finish them in a single seating. However, that seldom happens given the length of one episode or the number of episodes for that matter. However, one of the reasons to watch JL50 is our need to satisfy that binge-watcher in us.

For the love of Calcutta

We say Calcutta because of how we are shown what the city of joy looks like. Those yellow ambassador cabs or the old-style mini-buses in red, there’s a little of everything. And in fact, some characters have got hold of the Bengali touch really well, thereby adding to the look and feel.

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