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Indian Matchmaking on Netflix is everything that is unacceptable about marriages

Indian Matchmaking on Netflix is everything that is wrong with marriages and society. To begin with, the show is about Sima Taparia turning matchmaker for upper-class Indians and Indian-Americans. And well, the show does get intolerable by the minute, for more reasons than one.

The process of arranged marriages is tedious and more so when there is added pressure but no one you like. If you ask us, the show gets you thinking as to just how much you don’t want to get into all of it if this is how it looks like.

Now, getting onto why there are so many things wrong with the show Indian Matchmaking on Netflix. For starters, the first episode of the show is titled ‘Silm, trim and educated.’ And guess what? Almost none of those things are meant to be associated with men.

Now, the matchmaker, who likes to be called Sima mami, talks to the camera while saying how the girl must compromise, but why so? Well, there you go on some more of the gender-based rules and frames to fit into. Oh, but she does have a complaint from one of the men too and says he must not be superficial.

Check out the trailer of the show here:

When a guy called Pradhyum is concerned, he seems to be rather reserved about selecting a girl at first. But guess who he finally goes out with? A model and actress, now that was easy right? Oh, and did we tell you how he also gives a fine glimpse of his walk-in closet and one for the ‘gods’ too. While he believes in going and meeting the prospect first, Sima mami feels that this must stop. You know why? Because the family has to be present to guide (read: force) them.

When Sima mami asks the men and women about things they want or the kind of questions she asks is absolutely trivial. More often than not, it seems to be so much on the surface rather than digging in deep. (Because this is a decision of a lifetime, obviously)

One fine thing that the show Indian Matchmaking on Netflix does is talk about some (very little) taboos. For instance, how someone does not have a ‘wide’ pool of options because SHE is 34. Also, about divorce and the pressure from the family, society, and almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

A lawyer by profession, when Aparna is choosy and picky about what she wants, she is called adamant and stubborn. I mean seriously, cmon? If anything, it is great, and for anyone who finds anything wrong with it, is the one wrong.

P.s: Is it too late to say this has a lot of spoilers?

Another female, Nadia, who loves to dance and is independent, seems to be called out by her own mother for being that way. Why? Independence scares men away, really? Is that how low they are on self-esteem to be scared away? Oh, by the way, this conversation comes up after she is stood up by a man/boy she went out with on a couple of dates only.

One of the men is seen talking about having dated people, of which, only one was Indian and others were whites. However, through this process of matchmaking, he wants to find someone from the same ethnicity. So basically, it strongly establishes how at the end, Indians(or men) want to marry someone who is Indian.

Also, do you know you might want to go to a life coach if you aren’t really finding ‘the one’? I have so many thoughts (more like issues) with Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, I literally wrote them down. Now you know why!

While there are a ton of problems with this show, the biggest of them all is how this has so little to do with India. I am sorry, but the matchmaking processes I’ve seen are entirely different, more practical.

However, what it does rightly showcase is all things that are prevalent in society, but must not be acceptable. To list some, highly sexist, classist, and all the negative ‘ists’ that you can ever think of.

You’re welcome, we saved you some time from going through the horrors of enduring it!

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