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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Javed Akhtar becomes first Indian to have won the Richard Dawkins Award

Javed Akhtar is one of the finest names in Bollywood, music, and poetry. The veteran has to his credits the likes of many many awards. Some of them include Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, the Sahitya Akademi Award and five National film awards. Moreover, as Javed Akhtar becomes first Indian to win the Richard Dawkins Award, everyone is celebrating him.

Akhtar, who is 75, has been honoured with this award for his ability to think critically, raise his voice for religious dogma, his humanist values, and encouraging human progress. As Javed Akhtar becomes the first awardee of the Richard Dawkins Award, everyone has been showering him with loads of love and appreciation.

Dia Mirza went on to write, “Javed Akhtar Saab has won the the prestigious Richard Dawkins Award 2020 for critical thinking, holding religious dogma upto scrutiny, advancing human progress and humanist values. He is the only Indian to have won this award! @Javedakhtarjadu Congratulations! You make us proud.”

Check out Dia’s tweet as Javed Akhtar becomes first Indian to win the Richards Dawkins Award:

Meanwhile, Anil Kapoor and many others have sent their love to the poet, lyricist, and writer for having won this award. His contribution to the said fields has been numerous and celebrated. He has always made it a point to voice his opinions, be it on social media, or otherwise.  In fact, some of the issues he recently spoke about, include CAA, Islamophobia, etc.

Named after the world-renowned biologist, the Richard Dawkins Award is presented to those who endorse secularism, rationalism and science. And well, as Javed Akhtar becomes the first Indian to win the award, he sure has tick marked all those boxes. Moved to the Center, the Atheist Alliance of America has been presenting the award up until now.

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