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Jennifer Winget to Asha Negi, female digital debuts of TV stars that are a success

The OTT scene has been ever-evolving and while India continues to produce some of the finest shows, we have also had some great female digital debuts. These are actresses who moved from the television screens to web shows and well, they sure deserve all the love they have been receiving.

And so, we decided to list down some of our favourites in a list and well, it was difficult for sure. None the less, we have our list ready and in turn, you could also pick up some shows to watch from here. So, let’s get you started on our top 5!

Jennifer Winget

Code M saw Jennifer take on the role of an Indian Army Lawyer, Monica. One of the finest female digital debuts from a TV actor, she aced her role. While the show focuses on a military conspiracy, your attention undoubtedly goes to the lawyer, played by Jennifer. Given the kind of roles we have seen her play on the small screens, this was quite a breather.

Nia Sharma

Talk about female digital debuts from television stars and you cannot miss this one. Nia was among the few people who took the jump at a rather early stage and she definitely lived up to it. In fact, she played a role that not only had us all wanting to see more of her, but the story is just as gripping. Her roles of Aliyah Mukherjee and Seema Khanna are sure to keep you on the edge.

Asha Negi

A rather recent find, Asha Negi played a simple girl in Baarish, Gauravi. Co-starring Sharman Joshi, who would’ve thought they will make such a great pair? Due credits to the actress, for she managed to keep up the momentum and together, they created a super hit.

Hina Khan

Hina Khan has created a wave with her work and the feathers she keeps adding to her hat. Her digital debut with Damaged 2 on Hungama Play has brought her a lot of appreciation and continues to. The actress kept up with the reputation she has built and she did a great job as Gauri Batra.

Mona Singh

Another of my personal favourites, Mona Singh’s is one of the finest female digital debuts. While she has also been working on the big screens, the shift for her was great. Something that sure caught on is the kind of story and the role that she played. In fact, Gurdeep Kohli also did a fair job at the web show and well, it has now successfully made it to three seasons.

Who happens to be your favourite and why?

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