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John Abraham calls out awards shows – Dropping truth bombs like a pro?

John Abraham calls out awards shows and feels they are a circus. Well, it looks like he has dropped a truth bomb after all. Read on Platocast.

Award shows in India have been around for the longest time. And well, we have all lost count of instances when some jokes have been subpar. Forgetting just how derogatory they may get often, there is very little that actually comes out of them. And well, there have been several actors in the past, who have mentioned how award shows are not the best. And joining the brigade is yet another actor. This time, John Abraham calls out award shows and said he’d rather stay away from them.

As John Abraham calls out award shows, he told IANS how they he doesn’t respect that and it is a joke. He mentioned further how actors dancing and then collecting awards is comical for him. None the less, he understands how people feel otherwise. While John blasted award shows, he also has more to add to it.

He said: I feel what they are doing is not necessarily wrong or what I am doing is wrong. But I am on this side of the fence. I am quiet about it. I just don’t go for these functions, I will be a joker going to a circus, it will be demeaning and I don’t want to do that.

Well, award shows are a circus, or are they?

Abraham will soon be seen in Mumbai Saga. While the film is all set to hit the theatres this week, he understands the results are not predictable. Meanwhile, there have been all kinds reactions to his statement, and we bet some might agree.


Apart from calling awards show a circus, he also spoke about films releasing on OTT. Well, one might feel that the actor is dropping some truth bombs and how. While there are films that were averagely good, some barely made it to the cut. And so to say, his statement that films are dumped onto OTT when they are not good, does hold true.

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